Our Story

Arrow Mapping was created by an outdoor enthusiast who recognized an unfilled need in aquatic maps. The idea was to create the highest quality and most accurate lake maps available and provide a marketing platform for local businesses and county services to get their messages to the right consumers.

The first major was a project with AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) creating educational maps for boat inspectors to hand out to recreational boaters and fisherman as a thank you for taking the time to keep our lakes clean. The AIS project solidified our standing in map development and lead us to a partnership with Garmin International. This has allowed us to continue driving innovation in the mapping industry by combining the highest quality maps with unparalleled accuracy.

Jeff Hedlund
Jeff HedlundHead Cartographer - Founder
Jeff is a leader and innovator in the surveyed map industry. Founder and co-owner of Lake Master, the first mapping company of its kind in the state of Minnesota, he brings immense knowledge of lake data throughout the country and the process it takes to create the finished product.

“When you want to see the Big Picture”, let Arrow mapping show you the way.