Lake Bemidji 3D Paper Map

Lake Bemidji is located in southern Beltrami County, near the city of Bemidji. According to folk lore lakes Bemidji and Irving were formed in Paul Bunyan’s footprint. The Ojibwe described the Lakes Bemidji and Irving collectively as a single lake being a bimijigamaa (lake that traverses another body of water), thus the Ojibwe name the lake as Bemijigamaag-zaaga’igan (Traversing Lake), since the lake is considered to traverse the Mississippi River.


Lake Bemidji (Beltrami County, Minnesota)

This map features include:

  • One Foot Contours powered by Garmin

  • Printed on Waterproof and Tear Resistant Paper

  • GPS Coordinates

  • Marked Fishing Locations

  • 3D Aerial Imagery

  • Detailed Map Insets

Designed + Made in USA