Cass Lake 3D Aerial Map

Cass Lake is a glacially-formed lake in north central Minnesota. Cass Lake is approximately 10 mi long and 7 mi wide, located in Cass and Beltrami counties, adjacent to its namesake city Cass Lake. Located in the Chippewa National Forest and the Leech Lake Indian Reservation, Cass Lake was known in the Ojibwe language as Gaa-miskwaawaakokaag (where there are many red cedar).  Many names have been bestowed on Cass Lake from the early explorers and traders in French as Lac du Cedre Rouge, and English as Red Cedar Lake. It is the 11th largest lake in Minnesota, and the 8th largest lake lying entirely within the borders of the state.


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Cass Lake (Beltrami / Cass County, Minnesota)

This map features include:

  • One Foot Contours powered by Garmin

  • Printed on Waterproof and Tear Resistant Paper

  • GPS Coordinates

  • Marked Fishing Locations

  • 3D Aerial Imagery

  • Detailed Map Insets

Designed + Made in USA